With his family, Andrew did his chores on the family farm cherishing the values and results of hard work.  Unlike other kids, summer holidays meant the final two to three weeks of August when all the hay was finally stored away in the barns.  After the passing of his father, he wanted to remain attached to the farm even if the family farm was no longer connected to him.

In 1984, Andrew maintained his ties by obtaining a diploma in Agriculture at Kemptville College.  After a period of career searching to find a match with his education in animal and plant physiology, Andrew took on the role of feed store manager for 15 years. 

Backed by his experiences and knowledge,  Andrew has for 12 years devoted a lot of time and resources to solving respiratory issues in horses caused by hay. Horses breathe easier across North American as his business, Happy Horse Products Canada, improvises and supplies hay steamers for their well-being.

A wise friend once told him that you have to be honest with yourself and other people or you will not be doing what you are doing very long.  This along with a passion for treating others as he wants to be treated provides a personal feeling among those dealing with Andrew. 

Under his straw hat, Andrew’s summers are about maintaining his luscious vegetable garden and expanding wife’s flower beds.  These gardens define the family’s willingness to help all aspects of the earth grow by incorporating vibrant colours of flora in both planned and sporadic designs.    Aided by his chocolate Lab, Cally, Andrew keeps a tidy homestead with the hope of creating sustainable living while continuing to assist horses across North America.